General Knowledge (2007 era)- Global Warming - Study #7

Q1) Which country in the world was the first to introduce legislation banning incadescent light bulbs as a way of reducing greehouse gas emmissions?

Q2) Greenhouse gas emmission incadescent light bulbs afe being pased out and replaced by gy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs. True or False?

Q3) What does the acrynom IEA stand for?

Q4) The IEA claims that if the world were to switch from incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent light bulbs we would save elecricity demand by _?_ percent.

Q5) Each incandescent light bulb replaced by a fluorescent one would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by _?_ a ton.

Q6) The average Canadian household has _?_ lightbulbs.

Q7) In the province of Ontario, a population of 13 million, if all the lightbulbs were switched over, enough electricity would be saved to power the needs of _?_ million people .

Q8) How much does a homeowner save __?__ per year on their electricity bill if they switch from incadescent to fluorescent bulbs.

Q9) Lighting in a Ontario home accounts for _?_ percent of the total electricity used in the province.

Q10) Compact flurescent light bulbs use two-thirds less energy and last up to eight times longer than the existing incandescent bulbs. True or False?

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