First Aid - Introduction - Study #1   

Q1) Name the three main things that First Aid attempts to do?

Q2) First aid is made up of __?__ and skills.

Q3) In an emergency where there are injuries, your ___?___ to act calmly, ___?___ the situation and give __?___ first aid will depend on your first aid skills/training.

Q4) A first aider is someone....

Q5) In addition to giving first aid, a first aider will also __?___.

Q6) The term, first aid, was officially adopted in England in __?__ (year) by the St. John Ambulance Association.

Q7) Your called a __?__ if you help a person when you have no legal duty to do so.

Q8) Once a first aider begins to give assistance, they are __?__ to use __?__ skill and care based on your __?__ level of training.

Q10) Before a first aider can proceed to assist the person they must first ___?__ themselves and get ___?___ to touch.

Q10) Upon asking consent and permission, if there is no respnonse you have what is called __?__, and you can go ahead and give help.