Coordinating Conjunction Recognition Quiz #2

Identify the coordinating conjunctions in the following sentences.      Online Dictionary!

1. Women and men doing the same job should receive the same pay.

2. Which would you rather have for lunch, a sandwich or a bowl of soup?

3. The soccer coach and his player walked off the field.

4. She failed the course, yet she was resolved to try again next term.

5. Neither the man nor the woman would agree.

6. The soldier replied to his officer, "I will not do this evil deed nor will I ever."

7. Jane wanted to go to school today, but could not go because the school is closed on Sundays.

8. The sun was shining, yet it was still cold outside.

9. I did not hear the plane crash, nor did my neighbor.

10. I lost but I was still happy with my result.

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