Articles - English Grammar - Quiz - Study #5
There are only three articles in English: "a" "an" " the."
"a" and "an" are indefinte articles.
"the" definite article.
They are considered adjectives because they point out or tell how many.

Q1) "a" is an indefinite article. True or False?

Q2) "the" is an definite article. True or False?

Q3) "an" is an indefinite article. True or False?

Q4) The folowing are vowels: a, e, i, o, u. True or False?

Q5) I hear _?_ roar of the river.

Q6) Is an apple a fruit or _?_ herb.

Q7) Is a tomato a fruit or _?_ vegetable?

Q8) Horrible, hospital, host, hotel, human, and humour" are words that begin with a silent "h." True or False?

Q9) _?_ red car is yours to use tonight.

Q10) _?_ woman had a car accident.