Articles - English Grammar - Quiz - Study #2
There are only three articles in English: "a" "an" " the."
"a" and "an" are indefinte articles.
"the" definite article.
They are considered adjectives because they point out or tell how many.

Q1) The definite article - the - is used to identify a particular thing or person. True or False?

Q2) The indefinite articles "a" and "an" are used to identify something or someone unfamiliar to you. True or False?

Q3) I want _?_ apple. (familiar - specific)

Q4) I want _?_ apple. (unfamiliar - general)

Q5) Did you buy a car or _?_ truck?

Q6) _?_ police officer asked me to move on.

Q7) She met _?_ mayor for the first time.

Q8) Can you hear _?_ dogs howling?

Q9) He has _?_ firm hand shake.

Q10) Did you eat _?_ apple or _?_ orange.