Adjective Recognition Quiz #10            List of Adjectives!

Identify the adjectives in the following sentences.      Online Dictionary!

1. The water was freezing and I got quickly out .

2. The ground was uneven and so not to damage my car I slowly drove.

3. It was a substantial amount of money and needed to deposit in the nearest bank.

4. It was a splendid day and went to the beach to watch the colourful sunset about to begin.

5. A hissing snake crawled between my large feet and I almost fainted.

6. It was a glorious day and I could hardly wait to go outside.

7. I thought it was thoughtless and inconsiderate when you did not phone me and let me know you were not coming for dinner.

8. The grieving widow cried out aloud and I too, began to uncontrolably cry.

9. Greece consists of a mountainous and craggy mainland jutting out into the sea at the southern end of the Balkans.

10. Special lifts transfer visitors to the scenic monasteries that lie on top of those huge mountain rocks.

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