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Parts of Speech     Preposition Definition:

A preposition is a word linking "other words" to show a special relation in position, time, or direction.
The "other words" can be either nouns, pronouns, or phrases. The word or phrase that the preposition introduces is called the object of the preposition.
There are five types of prepositions, consisting of approximately 150 words.
(see list)

The five preposition types are:        (types=classifications)
1. Prepositions by Movement: show movement to or from a place: to, through, across, etc.

     Eg. John went to the store to buy milk. (note: to buy - is an intransitive verb)
           The bus went through the tunnel.
           Jane walked across the bridge.

2. Prepositions by Space/Position: on, over, under, etc.
     Eg. Please, put the book on the table.________________________________________________________________________________________________________
           A bird flew over us.
           Swirling water flowed under the bridge.
3. Prepositions by Time: at, in, and on. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
     Eg. This webpage was created in the month of April, 2012.
           Class, at noon we take a lunch-break.
           The trained arrived on time.
4. Logic-Related Prepositions: consist of a verb and preposition.____________________________________________________________________________________
      Eg. I'll buy the apples depending on their quality."

     (Note: depending on the word usage within the sentence the preposition can fall under one or more
      classifications.) Eg. "on"
5. Prepositional Phrases: cannot stand alone as a sentence.   (some samples)     See the complete Prepositional Phrase List.
at a disadvantage  Were at a disadvantage when we are ill.  ________________________________________________________________________
by chance  It was by chance that we met, I believe.  ________________________________________________________________________
for the benefit  Let's do it for the benefit of all.  ________________________________________________________________________
in time  She arrived just in time, and we were able to begin.  ________________________________________________________________________
on schedule  The show began and ended on schedule.  ________________________________________________________________________
out of breath  I arrived, but I was out of breath, because I hurried.  ________________________________________________________________________
to date  Everyone has been paid up to date.  ________________________________________________________________________
under pressure  Upper management in this company works under pressure.  ________________________________________________________________________
within limits  The test results were within limits.  ________________________________________________________________________
The five preposition types are:      (types=classifications)     (see lists)
1. Prepositions by Movement     _______________________    __________________________    __________________________    __________________________
2. Prepositions by Space/Position     _______________________    __________________________    __________________________    __________________________
3. Prepositions by Time     _______________________    __________________________    __________________________    __________________________
4. Prepositions Logic-Related     ________________________    __________________________    __________________________    __________________________
5. Prepositional Phrases     ________________________    __________________________    __________________________    __________________________