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Parts of Speech:     Compound Nouns - Hyphenated Word List:

at-sea Once at-sea the ship casino was opened.
Asia-Pacific The highest birth rates are found in the Asia-Pacific region.
biodiesel-based ? The fuel used in this truck is biodiesel-based.
burnt-out She was burnt-out after figting twenty rounds.
cash-back Cash-backs were given to those who attended.
Canadian-trained She was Canadian-trained.
catch-up It take us years to catch-up with the competition.
corporate-contract Every year our company executive renew their corporate-contracts.
double-digit Profit this year will be in the double-digits.
e-commerce E-commerce outperformed in-house sales.
end-product Winning the game was our end-product.
first-timer She was a first-timer, but still done well.
fourty-two What is your age? "Fourty-two," I replied.
Free-Trade-Agreement Canada and Mexico signed a Free-Trade-Agreement.
full-time Would you like to work full-time or part-time?
hemp-food I've never heard of hemp-food, have you?
high-rise I live in a high-rise.
high-tech Computers are going high-tech.
know-it-all When it came to sports, she was a know-it-all.
income-tax Have you done you income-taxes this year?
knock-off The competitor's shirts was a knock-off of our own. (similar)
line-up There was a long line-up at the theatre, so we decided not to go.
long-haul If you wish to obtain a degree from university you need to be in it for the long-haul.
near-bottom The subarine reached near-bottom before it leveled out.
near-stop The submarine upon reaching the bottom came to a near-stop.
next-generation The next-generation will take up the cause moreso than this.
one-half I'll take one-half of that chicken, please!
parking-lot The parking-lot was full so we drove on.
power-hungry He was a power-hungry politician.
raw-material How much raw-material is needed to complete building the dam site.
share-holder Most of the company share-holders were present.
supply-chain We need to add more to the supply-chain if we wish to prosper.
skill-set You need to heave the right skill-set, if you want to work here.

Adjectives - Hyphenated

all-new We would like to present our all-new truck line.
all-inclusive We decided to go with an all-inclusive vacation package.
big-name A big-name politician showed up at our restraunt.
Canadian-trained Canadian-trained engineers are in demand throughout the world.
biodiesel-based The biodiesel-based fuel was used.
better-than-expected We had better-than-expected profits this business quarter.
do-it-yourself It was a do-it-yourself project.
eco-friendly We use an eco-friendly laundry detergent.
food-and-beverage Purchasing a food-and-beverage franchise can be very profitable.
first-person Name a first-person verb.
first-quarter First-quarter profits were lower than anticipated.
four-decade He just broke a four-decade record.
fourty-two Fourty-two people applied for the job.
four-fold There was a four-fold increase in profits since last year.
four-largest The four-largest firms in the industry decided not to show.
go-to She was the go-to person between the marketing department and the accounting.
hard-left ? Turn hard-left!
hard-left ? Turn hard-right!
hand-picked All the employees were hand-picked by me.
high-dentsity I live in a high-density neighborhood.
high-end I live in a high-end neighborhood.
high-income I live in a high-income neighborhood.
high-rise I live in a high-rise apartment.
high-tech We attended a high-tech electronic exhibit.
high-profile High-profile actors need to get involved politically.
high-security This is a high-security zone.
knowledge-intensive Physics is a knowledge-intensive course.
labour-intense Building computers is a labour-intense endevour.
long-term Buying gold is a long-term investment.
low-cost We live in low-cost housing.
medium-sized She wore a medium-sized dress.
multi-surface The diamond had a multi-surface apearance.
nine-party We made a nine-party reservation for 6 p.m.
near-zero It was near-zero temperatures, so we decided to stay in.
non-acidic It was an non-acidic juice we drank.
non-profit We donated the money to a non-profit organization.
one-time It was a one-time offer we made.
post-secondary She attended a post-secondary school.
private-label She could afford to wear private-label jeans.
round-trip Round-trip holiday packages were promoted at bargain prices.

Hyphenated Verbs

at-sea Once at-sea the ship casino opened.
build-up The river began to rise, and we needed to build-up the dyke.
built-in All new cars sold today come with built-in audio systems.
challenge-based We decided to make it a challenge-based fight tournament.
condo-building Condo-building was up this year.
condo-starts Condo-starts were down from this time last year.
cross-examined The lawyer cross-examined the witness for two hours.
court-appointed A court-appointed lawyer represented her.
decision-making It was a time for some decision-making.
food-processing Food-processing performed in this facility meets the highest health standards.
foreign-trained Sometimes we have to hire foreign-trained tradespeople.
fast-track Because of budget constraints, we need to fast-track the building of this project.
fine-tuning We'll do the fine-tuning once we've installed the software.
foot-dragging Stop your foot-dragging, and finish the job.
god-given It is your god-given right to free access to non-polluted water.
highest-rated Tiger Wood was the highest-rated golf player for 2012.
neck-and-neck For most of the race the two horses were neck-and-neck.
non-specific______________ non-stop___________________ non-tariff__________________
non-unionized______________ on-floor___________________ __________________
off-guard___________________ on-off_________________________ one-third_____________________
one-time___________________ on-sale_________________________ pay-per-click__________________
rear-view__________________ record-breaking__________________ revenue-neutral_______________
record-high__________________ recession-proof__________________ record-brisk___________________
scale-out_________________ scale-up_______________ second-biggest___________________
scale-in___________________ scale-out_________________ scale-up_______________
second-biggest_________________ so-called______________________ short-term____________________
state-owned_________________ sub-safe_____________________ state-owned____________________
third-largest_________________ third-party________________ three-hour___________________
time-pressed_________________ top-ranked______________________ top-tier___________________
Toronto-based_________________ touch-screen___________________ typo-riddled___________________
under-charged___________________ under-charging__________________ _____________________________
up-to-date___________________ well-engineered______________ well-respected__________________
wireless-only___________________ well-prepared_______________ _________________________
would-be___________________ year-earlier_________________ _____________________________
year-ago___________________ year-earlier_________________ _____________________________