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A subordinating conjunction joins a dependent clause to an independent clause. The dependent clause is dependent
     on the independent clause, and cannot stand alone. Eg. I worked on my computer while listening to the tv-news.
The subordinating conjuctions are:
_______________  after I will go to bed after she leaves._____________________ _______________________
_______________  although  He came to class although he was ill._________________ _______________________
_______________  as They won the game as they are the better team.________ _______________________
_______________  as far as John is, as far as I'm concerned, right.________________ _______________________
_______________  as if John acts as if he is smarter than the teacher.__________ _______________________
_______________  as long as  I'm happy as long as you are.______________________ _______________________
_______________  as soon as  John will phone you as soon as he arrives._____________ _______________________
_______________  as though Jane acts as though she already won the contest._______ _______________________
_______________  because John was selected because he is the most respected.____ _______________________
_______________  before Jane ate her dessert before washing the dinner dishes.__ _______________________
_______________  if John gets leaves work early if completes all his work.___ _______________________
_______________  in order of  We promoted those in order of their senority and skills._ _______________________
_______________  since John has become a better dancer since taking lessons.___ _______________________
_______________  so John joined us so we now can finish the job on time.____ _______________________
_______________ so that He watches what he eats so that he can lose weight.____ _______________________
_______________  than She did a better job than I thought she would._________ _______________________
_______________  though She still kept her job though she won the lottery._______ _______________________
_______________  unless I'll arrive on time unless the traffic is bad._____________ _______________________
_______________  until Jane will exercise hard until her muscles hurt.__________ _______________________
_______________  when My wife is happy when I take time off work.___________ _______________________
_______________  whenever I visit my friends whenever I can.____________________ _______________________
_______________  where We will take corrective action where needed.__________ _______________________
_______________  whereas John is a gifted muscian whereas I'm not.___________ _______________________
_______________  wherever I'll go wherever my boss sends me.___________________ _______________________
_______________  while I worked on my homework while watching television.___ _______________________