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Demonstrative Adjectives: Definitions and List.       Homepage    - Study Work Sheet   Please print!

1. Demonstrative adjectives proceed the noun they modify, and are used to point out or demonstrate a
    specific item. The demonstrative adjectives are: this, that, these, and those.
    Eg. This coat is mine.  That book is mine.  These people want in.  Those people want in.

Note: if the adjective are not followed by an antecedent (a noun or pronoun), then it is being used as a pronoun.
Demonstrative Adjective: These people are waiting.   Demonstrative Pronoun: These are for you.
The demonstrative adjectives are:   
    _______________  this   This cat is pregnant.    ________________________________________
    _______________  that   That dog belongs on a leash.    ________________________________________
    _______________ these   These horses need to be watered.    ________________________________________
    _______________ those   Those men need to go for lunch.    _________________________________________
The demonstrative adjectives are:
this     _______________    _______________    _______________    _______________
that     _______________    _______________    _______________    _______________
these     _______________    _______________    _______________    _______________
those     _______________    _______________    _______________    _______________