Sentences - Quiz #9      Online Dictionary!

1. Both restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses or phrases coming __?__ in the sentence are followed by a comma.

2. Sentences are classified by the number and kinds of __?__ they contain.

3. Clauses may be simple, compound, complex, or __?__.

4. Being able to recognize clause classifications is important in three ways: to write with variety, to emphasize import idea, and __?__.

5. The simple sentence expresss a single thought in __?__ independent clause.

6. A simple sentence can either be a statement, question, exclamation, and a command or request sentence. True of False?

7. A clause is a word group containing a __?__.

8. There are two types of clauses. Name them?

9. The independent clause is a principal or __?__ clause.

10. Independent clause: its meaning is complete and clear without the aid of any other __?__.

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