Sentences - Quiz #8      Online Dictionary!

1. An infinitive phrase is formed by its infinitive verb and its object or compliment, and __?__.

2. A participal phrase can be used as the subject of a sentence. True or False?

3. Participla phrases can be used as __?__ that modify nouns or pronouns.

4. The present participle of a verb with an "ing" ending should not be confused with/as a gerund. True or False?

5. A nonrestrictive clause is enclosed with commas. True or False?

6. The definitions of restrictive and nonrestrictive are important to your understanding of when to use __?__.

7. Restrictive means holding or __?__ within the limits or bounds.

8. The nonrestrictive expression does not __?__ or keep within the limits or bounds of the word it modifies.

9. If the nonrestrictive element occurs __?__ the sentence, commas are placed before and after it.

10. If the nonrestrictive clause or phrase occurs at the __?__ of the sentence, a comma is placed before it.

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