Sentences - Quiz #7      Online Dictionary!

1. The prepositional phrase is composed of the proposition with its noun or pronoun object and any __?__.

2. A prepositional phrase cannot be used as the subject of a sentence. True or False?

3. A verbal noun is also called a __?__.

4. Identify the verbla noun phrase in the following setence. My wife and I are hanging the picture today.

5. Verbal noun phrases can be used as a sentence subject. True or False?

6. Both prepositional phrases and verbal noun phrases contain an __?__.

7. Identify the object in the following sentence. Finding our lost dog was our goal.

8. To find the object, ask __?__ after the verbal noun (gerund.)

9. Identify the adjrctive modifiers in the following sentence. Finding the lost dog was our goal.

10. The infinitive form of a verb is always preceded by "to." True or False?

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