Sentences - Quiz #2      Online Dictionary!

1. A direct question sentence calls for an __?__.

2. In a __?__ sentence, the person addressed is asked to perform a task, and action is expected.

3. In a command or request sentence the subject __?__ is usually understood, rather than being stated.

4. In command or request sentences the punction used is?

5. --?-- sentences convey strong feelings and end with an --?--.

6. Name the three types of punction a sentence may end with?

7. In the simplest form, a sentence is made up of two parts. Name them?

8. The subject of a sentence tells __?__ is being discussed.

9. The complete subject in a more elaborate sentence consists of the subject plus __?__.

10. The --?-- of a sentence tells what action or state of being applies to the subject.

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