Sentences - Quiz #1    Online Dictionary!

1. A sentence is made up of words grouped together to express a complete __?__.

2. The first word of a sentence is always __?__.

3. Name the three types of punction used to indicate the end of a sentence.

4. If a sentence does not convey a complete thought the group of words is called a __?__.

5. There are four types of sentences. Name them?

6. A sentence that declare facts, develop ideas, describe objects, explain past events, discuss future plans, and ends with a period is called?

7. A sentence that allows one to aask for informqtion from another person and ends with a question mark is called ?

8. A sentence that asks a person to perform a task or to take action is called a __?__.

9. Sentences that convey strong feelings or emotion, and end with and exclamtion point are called.?

10. Define what an indirect question sentence is?

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