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Wallaroo - Study #1

Q1) The name - wallaroo - is a portmanteau of wallaby and kangaroo. Portmanteu means?
Q2) A wallaroo is a macropod. Macropod means?

Q3) Male wallaroos can weigh as much as ______? Females are smaller.

Q4) Wallaroos in the wild live usually up to ___?___ years of age.

Q5) The Eastern Wallaroo, Common Wallaroo or just Wallaroo on the slopes of the Great Dividing Range. The Great Dividing Range runs _________ around the eastern side of Australia

Q6) There is a town located in Southern Australia named Wallaroo. True of False?

Q7) The Eastern Wallaroo has a coat of gray fur and the Euro has ____?____ fur.

Q8) The wallaroo, an Australian marsupial, got its name by putting together the words WALLaby and kangAROO?

Q9) There are four different kinds of wallaroos in Australia depending on the region. They are Eastern Wallaroo, the Euro, the Black Wallaroo and the Antilopine Wallaroo. Three species are solitary animals and one is gregarious, and likes to stay in groups. Which one?

Q10) Wallaroos usually live in ______ where they will hide and rest during the day and come out to eat grass and small shrubs at night (nocturnal).


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