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Platypus - Study #1

Q1) The platypus is a semi-aquatic mammal endemic to eastern Australia and _________ ? There is only one species of platypus.

Q2) The platypus it is one of the five species of monotremes. Monotremes means ________?

Q3) The male platypuses is a venomous animal, having a spur on the hind foot which delivers a poison capable of causing severe pain to humans. True or False?

Q4) The common name, platypus, is Latin derived from the Greek words platys (flat, broad) and pous meaning (______?______)

Q5) The platypus has webbed feet and a large, rubbery snout; these are features that appear closer to those of a duck than to those of any known mammal.

Q6) A male platypus can weigh as much as ________? Females are smaller. There is substantial variation in average size from one region to another.

Q7) Platypus build burrows along the water's edge. A burrows' length can ba as long as __________?

Q8) The platypus needs to eat about ___?___ of its own weight each day?

Q9) The natural predators of the platymus are ______?

Q10) The lifespan of a platymus in the wild is about _______?


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