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Phascogale - Study #1

Q1) Phascogales are also known as _________?

Q2)Phascogale are a member of the dasyurid species. Dasyurid means?

Q3) There are two Phascogale species, the Brush-tailed phascogale and the Red-tail. True or False?

Q4) Male phascogales well known for the early death of the males, worn out by the frenetic breeding season. For three weeks during the mating season they are full of adrenalin and eat little; starving themselves to death.

Q5) The red-tailed phascogale is nocturnal, which means?

Q6) The red-tailed phascogale are found in dry eucalypt forest in just one small area in southwest Western Australia. There are over ________ species of eucalptic trees, mostly native to Australia.

Q7) Female red-tailed phascogale give birth to _____ young.

Q8) The red-tailed phascogale is classified as an endangered species. Why?

Q9) Both the red-tailed and brush-tailed male phascogales die soon after mating. True or False?

Q10) Phascogalses build ____?__ to raise their young.


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