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Koala Bear - Study #1

Q1) The koala bear is one species with three subspecies. The subspecies are; Victorian Koala, Queensland Koala, and the third is____?____ Koala.

Q2) The koala bears' diet almost contirely consists of eating ___________?

Q3) Koala bear fossils are quite rare, but some have been found in northern Australia dating to ___?_____ years ago.

Q4) The Queensland Koala is smaller, almost half the size of the Victorian Koala (12 kg). True or False?

Q5) The lifespan of a koala bear is about ____?______ years.

Q6) A healthy female Koala can produce one young each year for about 12 years. A baby Koala is referred by the locals as a ____?____ and is hairless, blind, and earless."

Q7) At birth the joey, only the size of a ___?_____, crawls into the downward-facing pouch on the mother's belly.

Q8) Koalas' five fingers per paw are arranged with the first two as opposable thumbs, allowing for better grip.

Q9) Young remain hidden in the pouch for about ___?___ months, only feeding on milk.

Q10) A koala bear sleeps in the tree, in a round ball, and for almost ____?_____ hours per day.

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