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Dingo - Study #1

Q1) The dingo a wild dog that has descended from the _________?

Q2) The name dingo comes from the language of the Eora Aboriginal people, who were the original inhabitants of the Sydney area. Another name for the dingo is ________?

Q3) Dingoes are smaller than wolves of the northern hemisphere and can weigh as much as _________?

Q4) The colour of dingoes varies but is usually ginger: others are _________?

Q5) Dingoes were trapped, shot on sight, and poisoned by the early European settlers. Why was this?

Q6) A dingo's lifespan is about ______ years?

Q7) Dingoes are extremely agile and are known to climb trees. True or False?

Q8) Wild dingoes are opportunistic carnivores preying even upon kangaroos and sheep.

Q9) The earliest fossil record of dingoes in Australia is _________ years old.

Q10) Aboriginal people across the continent adopted the dingo as a companion animal, using it to assist with hunting and for ________________?


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