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Cuscus - Study #1

Q1) The Common Spotted Cuscus are called possums in Australia and Tasmania. True or False?

Q2) The cuscus is a part of the possum family and is a marsupial. Marsupal means _______?

Q3) A cuscus can weigh as much as _________?

Q4) The cuscus in the wild has a lifespan of ___?_____ years.

Q5) Occassionally a cuscus will attack and devour a small bird or reptile. But mostly its diet consists of leaves and fruit. True or False.

Q6) The cuscus is a nocturnal. Nocturnal means_____?

Q7) The cuscus is omnivore. Ominivore means ______?

Q8) There is one species and four subspecies. True or False?

Q9) The cuscus is arboreal. Arboreal means an animal ______?

Q10) The movement of the cuscus through the trees is fast. True or False?


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