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Zebra - Study #1

Q1) Numbats exclusive diet is termites and ants. True or False?

Q2)The Numbat is a small, colourful, highly photogenic creature can be as long as _______?

Q3) The Numbat has 5 to __?__ whte stipes on its back.

Q4) The Numbat is diurnal. Diurnal means?

Q5) The Numbat is a marsupials. Marsupial means?

Q6) Female Numbats come into oestrus for a short period in January. Oestrus means?

Q7) Gestation takes about 14 days and ___?___ young are usually born, one for each teat.

Q8) Adult Numbats are solitary and territorial. Solitary means?

Q9) The Numbats natural predators include ________?

Q10) The Numbat prominent feature is its ______?


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