Dog Glossary Terms: Multiple Choice E1 : Ten Questions

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Imagine living in a country....

We all lived in a spirit of goodwill for one another.

All those who were in need of food, shelter, or
medical attention - received it.

All the children were raised in healthy and nurturing
environments, free from harm and neglect.

That it was for all, a safe place to live.
And that those who preyed upon or victimized others,
were held accountable and brought to justice.

All the people from different ethnic backgrounds,
religious and non-religious persuasions lived in peace
and harmony.

Who one has become as a person is valued more
than what they have accomplished or acquired.

The fortunate and the unfortunate, the gifted and the
not so gifted - were treated equally.

Imagine living in a world...

Blue Butterfly
Timothy E. Stevenson   February 14, 1999©   www.


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